Whisper Into My Eyes

The first composition is comprised of pieces which are very similar to an emotional tide.  It will draw out of you feelings of pain, fear, suffering, and sadness but yet also those of love, peace, happiness and harmony and afterwards your soul will have experienced this universe in a mysterious yet real way.  This is the beauty of life, everyone will experience things differently as we are all different, but imagine if we were all the same, it is how we perceive each other that makes us different.  This connects us to judgement and fear, not only of people, but of everything around us.  Life is an amazing gift that has been given to all of us and we each possess the ability to change it by altering our perception.  Doing so can take you from the confinement of self-restriction, to the immense world we live in.  From there you can then open yourself to the universe.

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