Chris was born in Calgary AB in 1979.  In the early 2000's he graduated from post secondary in computer technologies where he then worked in IT and business for several years.  Around 2010 he was drawn to the healthcare industry and switched his career path.

Surrounded by love and religion since his birth has enabled him to seek out and embrace his own spirituality.  Through this he developed a strong interest for enlightenment of the universe.  “Just because we can’t see something or can’t explain something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”  Aiding in his interest he reads about ancient civilizations’, theosophy, ascension, astronomy, esoterica, religions, cosmogenesis and many other related topics.  From these topics he creates his own personal philosophy of life.

Fitness, nutrition and education are other aspects of his life that he emphasizes.  “These are the building blocks for your foundation that encompasses your soul.  In conjunction you can service your mind and body to create the balance needed to network the relationship to your soul.”

One of the greatest moments along side time with his family, friends and reading was the time he took a month of self-reflection, or mediation.  He sat in a park everyday journaling and meditating.  This brought to light a new path in life.  A new way to live, within the balance of the society around us.  He strongly suggests that we all take time to sit down and feel what our mind and bodies wish to tell us.  From there we can access our soul and fulfill its destiny using our heart over our mind as our guide.

“This poetic journal series is just one piece of a puzzle that I have been working on for several years.  All harnessed through meditation and love.  There are many others carrying pieces to this puzzle, expressing in ways each to his own.  By listening to our inner voice, trusting the world around us, and opening our hearts to other souls also on this journey, we will finally hear and see what the universe is telling us.  Collectively we can piece together this broken puzzle and become one.”


A lesson in life from the Author

There is light and darkness all around us, but to conquer the darkness within yourself is what will ultimately change all the darkness in the world to light.

Understanding in life that there is the right way, the wrong way, and sometimes just the way.

The best way to encourage principles that you value are to demonstrate them through your own actions.

Don't look for reasons to separate yourself from one another, but look for reasons to connect to each other.

Giving in to what you consider is temptation, will cause you to remove yourself from the garden on your own.

Live every day happy, wishing the same happiness for everyone else.

Your physical, mental and spiritual health is the most important instruments to your life.

Lastly, time will run out for your body but your soul and the memories of you is forever.



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