Cracked Hearts One Soul

Different literature has said that in life we carry one soul from start to finish, birth to death and after death our soul is reborn to live the cycle of life once again. Throughout life people have found connections to places and people that cannot be explained.  Dreams and memories of other places and people that you have never seen or met. When something seems safe and our heart tells you different, this might be from your soul's experiences living different lives in its past.  Your soul wants to reconnect to itself and waits for our bodies to manifest these destinies.  Listening to yourself and allowing your soul to guide you will help move you and your soul through this journey of lives to reach the ultimate destiny.

My poetic journal series are a composition of several emotions that I have transformed into poems from several experiences that my soul and heart has lived through. I haven't in my lifetime experienced all of my poems stories firsthand, but through meditation I can feel what it has experienced and write these emotions into stories. Sharing these poems helps reconnect my soul so it can move forward on it's journey.

The feelings and places I experience through meditation are special places that you may have also been to before in your own way.  Meditation can be achieved through training your mind, but also through simple everyday actions like embracing someone you love, saying goodbye to a friend you will never see again, or experiencing the death of a loved one.  You could be meditating right now as you read this, if your day dreaming of how you can relate to what I'm saying.  These places can be the same for everyone but still each different because of who it is with, what achievements you have made,  where you might be, or where you are in your own mind.

This book series will take you travelling to where time and space does not always exist.  Throughout these travels you will come across darkness, but also light, despair but also hope. It will be your choice to see what you want to see and feel what you want to feel.  Each poem you read will tell you a little bit about yourself. Every time you read the composition over you will be able to witness a change in what's dark and what's light in the world around you from what the poems have revealed to you about yourself.